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About us

Dynamic orthoses have been on the market for many years and are a proven vehicle to improved wellness for patients who use them. Dynamic orthoses offer improved functionality, provide better control, and promote enhanced patient compliance through their designs and the materials used to manufacture them.

Over the years, material choices have evolved and there has been a trend to more flexible designs which offer control while permitting motion and providing proprioceptive feedback. Permitting or facilitating existing desired function while inhibiting or dampening undesirable or unwanted motions is the ultimate goal of Solar System products.

Hernan Luna, CPO, LPO – founder of Solar System AFOs - has been trained in the principles of inhibitory casting, casting plate fabrication and orthosis fabrication and design. He has been successfully using total contact orthoses, with dorsal enclosures and plantar surface modifications, on patients in South Florida for well over two decades.  

He works closely with patients of all ages with Neuromuscular disorders - including Cerebral Palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, Spinal Cord Inury, Spina Bifida, and Cerbrovascular Accidents. All of these conditions can benefit from the total contact dynamic orthosis designs.

His years of interaction with therapists and physicians led to the development an Orthotic product line - Solar System AFOs - which facilitates positive outcomes in these populations.

Over the years, an overwhelming response to the products and requests from clinicians nationwide to provide these designs to their patients led to further development of a central fabrication center, and  Solar System® AFOs was able to make these designs available to you and your patients.  Our orthoses are custom made from your patient models and are as individual as the person wearing them. We treat every patient like they are our patient, and each brace we manufacture is an extension of our company.

Every day, we welcome Orthotists and P&O centers from around the globe to the growing number experienced professional able to provide Solar System® AFOs and looking for a difference in quality, fit and functional outcome for their patients.  

Remember that at Solar System AFOs – Our Products Revolve Around You!